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Sportsbook Rating

The BetRivers sportsbook is nice enough to relax and watch a game but currently does not match the sportsbooks in Vegas. Featuring dozens of nice leather chairs, high top tables, and barstools it has a nice sports bar feel. The sportsbook at BetRivers has dedicated waiters and waitresses that exclusively serve the sportsbook so you don’t have to wait forever to grab a beer or some food.

The sportsbook at BetRivers has a full wall of TVs that are playing nearly every game that it is on. If you have action on a Phillies game or if you are trying to watch a 3rd League soccer game it will be on at SugarHouse



Address: 1001 N. Delaware Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19125


Monday – Friday
10:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Saturday – Sunday
9:00 AM – 1:00 AM


Sportsbook BonusPlay
BetRivers$250 Deposit MatchBet Now

BetRivers Bonus Codes

BetRivers is offering a 100% match deposit up to $250 as a welcome bonus for new players. Since SugarHouse is a large chain of casinos they will most likely offer the same bonus code around the country. If BetRivers does change their welcome bonus, offers a new bonus codes, or decides to offer no-deposit free bets you can be sure that PA Free Bets will update our page and make sure we are offering the best risk free bets. Keep up with PA Free Bets and learn more on how you can better your self in sports and find out where you need to improve.

BetRivers Online Betting App

Once you able to gain access to BetRivers online betting app you can see it is a bit crude on the home screen, but once you find the menu it is easy to get to the sportsbook section. Once you are in the sportsbook it should feel familiar. BetRivers is partnered / powered by Kambi so the app is nearly identical to using a Kambi machine in person. The homepage for the BetRivers sports betting app is Live Betting, where you will see all the games that currently are live and can be bet. From this section it is simple to click into the menus and see all of the most popular sports and how many game lines are available. The interface for placing a bet on the app is simple and again the exact same are a regular Kambi touch screen. Even if you are new to sports betting this interface shouldn’t be confusing at all. The only issue bettors and especially have an issue with on the BetRivers app is the the potential payout contains your bet amount. This can be really confusing to veteran bettors and especially people who are new to sports betting because most books do not display your winnings this way. It can be confusing because it seems like you are in for a huge profit when in reality BetRivers is mixing in your revenue and your profits. Most experienced bettors do not include the initial bet amount when factoring how much their winnings will be. Other than this one drawback the BetRivers online betting app is a great experience. The mobile formatting is done well and its easy to use on your phone, for each game it is easy to find prop bets and alternative lines, and if you are having any issues there is a small chat button that follows you throughout the app.

If you are having trouble finding value on BetRivers Online betting app you can check out BetQL to see lines for all sportsbooks. For example if you are betting baseball and you are having trouble finding favorable MLB betting lines you can jump on BetQL and a comparison of lines for all the sportsbooks in your area. Keep up with the NFL every week with our friends at RotoQL and learn see the most recent news on the NFL.

BetRivers Sports Betting Odds

Although Pennsylvania has the highest amount of tax placed on sportsbook revenue it has not been reflected on the betting lines at all. Currently BetRivers sports betting odds are on par with the rest of the offshore and in-person sportsbooks. One of the biggest questions lawmakers have been asking is how high can the “the vig” or “the juice” be for sportsbooks to ensure that bettors aren’t getting ripped off. As of right now the BetRivers odds are very reasonable and are not taking advantage of bettors. In line with most typical books you will see betting on a favorite has odds between -110 to -120. We will have to keep our eye on this though as major chains may realize they are taking a huge hit on profits due to the taxes.

With football season quickly approaching it is important to make sure you are finding the best odds and lines. If you haven’t already check out BetQL where you will find the most updated NFL spreads for every sportsbook. If you are good with the lines but need help finding a win check out our friends at BetQL and their expert picks for the NBA, BetQL always highlights the highest value picks so you are sure to start cashing more tickets.

BetRivers Live Betting

BetRivers Philadelphia allows live betting both at the sportsbook and on the BetRivers app. Taking advantage of live betting in person at the casino in Philadelphia can sometimes be a bit difficult as there are only so many Kambi machines and so little time during the breaks in the action. Although there may be a bit of a line the process its self to place a live bet is simple. Since mobile sports betting isn’t totally legal yet we can’t go in depth about BetRivers live betting experience in the app, but form what we can see right now it is just as easy in person. When odds change either in-person or on the app there is a large message informing you of the live betting odds movement. With mobile sports betting about to go live make sure to check back for our deeper review.

BetRivers Deposits & Withdraws

At this point due to mobile sports betting laws in Pennsylvania you can not deposit or withdraw on the BetRivers app. When this law is finally in place we will provide a more in depth review.

It should as no surprise that BetRivers deposits and withdraws in person are flawless. Kambi sports betting machines take cash just like a typical vending machine and there is no need to speak to a person at the sportsbook to deposit money. The only time you will need to speak with a person at the sportsbook to deposit is if you are looking to place a wager larger than $1,000. At the BetRivers Philadelphia sportsbook the largest bet you can place on the Kambi machines is max. $1,000.

In terms of withdraws you must cash your sports betting tickets at the sports book which is typical for most sportsbooks in Vegas. During the trial period of sports betting in PA you were able to cash your tickets at a normal casino withdraw window, but this has since changed and you must go to the sportsbook to cashout. Unfortunately this means you have to wait in line with everyone who is attempting to place a bet in person. This can add a good amount of time to the process as it seems a majority of bettors aren’t always totally sure of what bets they want to make when they get to the front of the line. Once you are able to speak to someone at the sportsbook desk they scan all your winning tickets and cash you out. Once mobile sports betting becomes legal we will provide a more in-depth description of the withdraw process from the app.

BetRivers Loyalty Program

BetRivers casinos have a loyalty program which they call iRush Rewards. This loyalty program is more focused for casino games at this point. As mobile sports betting becomes legal in PA we will see how BetRivers expects to keep gamblers loyal to their book. Check back here when we get a bigger idea on how they will implement a program. Although at the moment when you are at the sportsbook you can regularly see bettors walking around wtih brand new Hamilton Beach kitchen appliances, so if this is something you are into creating an iRush rewards account at the BetRivers in Philadelphia may be for you. If you are looking for more advice on betting on sports or just want to keep up with sports betting news make sure to check out our friends at BetQL.

BetRivers Customer Service

BetRivers Philadelphia customer service is simple to access and use. As we mentioned earlier with the sports betting app there is a small chat popup box that follows you around throughout the app. To receive chat support from a representative all you have to do is provide your name & email address. From there you can chose to chat with a sportsbook representative and have your issue resolved.  You will receive responses in a timely fashion and if you need to call customer support you can use this number to reach them 877-477-3715