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Parx Sportsbook Review

Parx is one of the biggest casinos in the Philadelphia area and has probably invested the most in their sportsbook. It has the most Vegas feel with a bright red carpet under a large bank of machines, and a long bar that features multiple TVs. Parx has been doing a ton of advertising in the area for their sportsbook so I think it is safe to say that they will improve upon what they have right now to offer a premier experience to sports bettors. Parx has multiple restaurants and places to eat that make this even better. There is a Chickie and Pete’s inside Parx Philadelphia so once you place your bet you can get down with some crab fries.

Located in Bensalem in Bucks County it is a bit outside the city of Philadelphia but its perfectly located in between the city and the suburbs. Over the years Parx has been one of the most successful casinos in the state of Pennsylvania and you can tell they are reinvesting their profits back into the building. As sports gambling continues to grow in the state and mobile sports gambling becomes legal we should see the building and sportsbook improve further. If you are looking for Parx promo codes you will find them here! Learn more about Parx and start winning more today, check it out and win more this March.

Address: 2999 Street Rd, Bensalem, PA 19020


Monday – Friday: Noon – 11pm

Saturday: 10am – Midnight

Sunday: 10am – 11pm

Parx Bonus Codes

Currently Parx does not offer a specific sportsbook bonus code. At the moment their big offers are the following:

  • Welcome Bonus – Get 5,000 Virtual Credits for Signing Up
  • Xclub Rewards – Get 10,000 Virtual Credits for Linking Card then earn Comp Dollars on every Purchase
  • Daily Login Bonus – Log in Every Day to get up to 2,800 Virtual Credits

Hopefully as sports betting becomes legal in Pennsylvania Parx will jump in the mix and offer sports bettors something comparable to other books to create an account. Stay tuned to PA Free Bets because when a Parx Bonus code becomes available we will be the first to update with it. Most likely we will be looking at a Parx Welcome bonus that offers sports bettors either a no-deposit free bet or a matched bonus upon deposit.

Parx Online Betting App

Currently there is no dedicated Parx online betting app what they have available is the following:

  • Parx Betslip Builder
  • Parx Slots 
  • Parx Racing 

That being said it seems like Parx will re purpose the Betslip Builder once mobile sports betting goes live in PA. As of right now the app serves as a way to speed up the betting process when you physically go to the Parx Sportsbook to bet. Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania are running into an issue where they have too many bettors and not enough machines to take the bets. At most sportsbooks in Pennsylvania you may have to wait in line for 15-20 mins to have the opportunity to place a bet. Since sports betting recently became legal it has attracted many novice bettors who can take a lot of time to place their bets. To speed up the process Parx created their Betslip Builder which after building your bet slip will generate a QR that can be scanned at the sportsbook. This app can be helpful in a pinch but currently doesn’t offer much. The app is powered by Kambi which means it is very easy to navigate and place a bet. Once you click into a game you can easily see all the different prop bets and alternative lines. If you read our SugarHouse Sportsbook Review you will know we are big fans of the Kambi machines and apps, which still holds true with the Parx Online Betting App.

Parx has created separate apps for their online casino / slots and horse racing offerings. Interesting to see they decided to split everything into its own property unlike SugarHouse which has everything in one app. Maybe in the future we will see Parx consolidate everything into one app where it may be easier to have bettors convert from one offering to the next.

Stay tuned here to see our more in-depth review once mobile sports betting becomes legal in PA.

Parx Sports Betting Odds

As of May 2019 Parx sports betting odds are right in line with the rest of brick and mortar sportsbooks. Parx sports betting odds are even comparable to offshore books which can usually offer a little more juice since they aren’t paying taxes. Currently Pennsylvania has by far the highest tax on sports betting revenue which has made the barrier of entry for new sports books very difficult. This is one of the biggest reasons why only the large chain casinos have opened sportsbooks in PA. Over time this may be a reason why Parx sportsbook’s odds may get worse for bettors. At a certain point the books may need to start making more money on wagers and they will increase their “vig” to do so. Right now though a heavy favorite ATS usually has odds ranging from -110 to -120. We will keep you updated if anything around Parx sports betting odds changes. If you are having trouble keeping up with odds and lines make sure to check out BetQL. With BetQL you can find the most updated NFL lines, spreads and odds. BetQL works with the sportsbooks to ensure that every update on their end is reflected on their site.

Parx Live Betting

The Parx Betslip Builder app does show live odds which is easy to find right at the top of the app’s menu. You can see the live odds for any game that is currently being played. The experience for live betting is the exact same as if you were to bet before the game starts on the app. In person you can live bet but it may be a bit more difficult as there are only so many machines you can place bets in the sportsbook. If you feel the momentum changing and you want to get in and hedge the action just make sure you hurry so the line doesn’t change. When mobile sports betting becomes legal in Pennsylvania we will update the section.

Parx Deposits & Withdraws

There is no way to deposit or withdraw funds on Parx’s Betslip builder app. When mobile sports betting in PA becomes legal and the app rebrands it self we will provide a more in-depth review on the process. Currently deposits and withdraws are the same as any old school Vegas sportsbook. You can use a Kambi touch screen and deposit cash just like a regular vending machine or you can walk up to the sportsbook counter and place a bet with a person.

Parx Loyalty Program

The Parx loyalty program is called the Xclub and is primarily focused on their casino / slots offerings. Right now it is not clear if Parx will be creating a loyalty program specifically geared towards sports bettors and how the two with intermingle, but stay tuned and we will have all of the most updated info on that front. The Xclub rewards are based off Virtual Credits which you can get for something as simple as signing up and creating an account. Rewards are focused around free plays, free drinks, and exclusive event invitations. If you live in the Bucks County area and you are able to physically get to the Parx Sportsbook it may be a good idea to sign up, but if you are located a bit further away this loyalty program may not provide you with much value.

Parx Customer Service

Parx is one of the highest grossing casinos in the state of Pennsylvania and one of those reasons is because of their excellent customer service. If you ever have a question or an issue you can contact Parx customer service at or you can give them a call and speak to someone at 1-888-LUV-PARX between 8am – 8pm ET.

Right now there is no customer support option on the Betslip Building app which may be a bit of an oversight for now, or something they have planned in the future. With a large influx of novice sports gamblers coming soon I am sure there will be a ton of questions that will need to be answered.